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I’m the biggest Kobe Hater. I hate the Lakers with a passion. However, I can acknowledge that Kobe is a living Legend and one of a kind player. I have the outmost respect for him. I respect his abilities and his work ethnic. Since this year was Kobe’s farewell tour, I made the trip Portland from Vancouver.

I went from Vancouver to Portland over 400 Kilometers in my car with 2 friends. 1 one of my friends is Kobe fanatic.
This trip took around 7 hours. We left Vancouver around 7am and arrive to our hotel around 2pm.
We ate dinner around 5pm and after we were finish dinner around 630pm we went straight to the game.

My Favourite moment in the arena had to be when kobe has the ball at top of the 3 point line. All you hear are “BOo’s” from the fans, Kobe dribbles a few steps, and does his classic fade-a-way and the crowd just shuts up.

My second favourite of the night is that the crowd boo kobe the whole night, and in the fourth quarter, yells out “we want kobe”. So funny, Portland fans boo him for the entire game, and then in the fourth they want him back in.

#ripcity tonight! Farewell Kobe! Let's go #blazers

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